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Our private health insurance exchange is a marketplace offering a unique service to consumers in need of single or family insurance coverage. Our site design is meant to make your insurance purchase a simple, pressure-free experience.

We offer helpful calculators, plan wizards, product guides and links to the most relevant and informative web sites. The opportunity to utilize the expertise of your insurance broker in the decision making process is also a value added service.

Our site is a portal to shop for all your insurance needs; Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Long-Term Care, Critical Illness and Disability plans. We are NOT the state or federal marketplace/exchange. However, we can easily assist with subsidy eligibility estimates and when the situation warrants, the enrollment process on the Federal/State Exchange Marketplaces. This is done through an automated process linking you directly with the insurance company (issuer) associated with the plan selection you have made and then following the enrollment and application process the insurance carrier has developed via their on-line system. You may click the link below if you would like to be re-directed to the Federal Marketplace.


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