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A Busy Week For Health: Budget Cuts, CBO Scores And Mitch McConnell’s Cryptic Signal

KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey and Julie Rovner discuss some of the developments that shook up health news this week.

Different Takes: The Politics Of Repeal, Replace And Reform

Editorial pages across the country include thoughts about the political risks in play as Congress and states confront efforts to dismantle Obamacare.

Research Roundup: Early Hospital Discharges; Missed Vaccinations; Growth In Spending

Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.

Mulvaney Defends Budget Cuts But Gets Some Tough Questions About Medicaid From Senators

The head of the Office of Management and Budget says the reductions won't affect current enrollees and dismisses health care scoring from the Congressional Budget Office.

Giving Up Hope On Federal Help, N.C. Insurer Seeks 23 Percent Price Hike For Next Year

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina announcement came the day after Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City said it will leave the individual insurance market next year.

GOP Win In Montana Shows Limits Of Strategy By Democrats To Use Health Repeal In Elections

All eyes were on Montana's special election to see if the recent troubles Republicans have faced as they seek to overhaul the federal health law would have an impact at the polls.

If States Use Waivers Built Into GOP Health Plan They Could Blow Up Their Own Markets, CBO Reports

The Washington Post explains what would happen to states that roll back protections on preexisting conditions and waive requirements for essential health benefits. Meanwhile, Republican senators admit the Congressional Budget Office score makes their job tougher and health groups respond to the analysis.